Minnie, MiKiHi Teresa,

I thought I would send you some pictures of sweet Minnie! She is an absolute darling and has definitely captured our hearts. I am not getting much done at home as I just want to play with her! We all love to sit and watch her cute mi-ki mannerisms! What an amazing breed of dog!

Thank you so much for making our family complete!

Take care,
Lisa, Bob and Kyle Weafer


I recently purchased a puppy from Teresa to train as a replacement for my Medical Alert Service Dog, after researching the Mi Ki breed I was fairly confident this would be the perfect dog for me. When arriving to pick up Bandit (my choice from her internet site) I was impressed with the way the dogs where housed. They were as she promised, completely underfoot.

The first night I had Bandit we had a large family outing in a very noisy restaurant, he laid quietly on my lap the through the entire dinner. I have since had him in many public places, and his behavior has been much better than expected for his age, he has been quiet and appropriately behaved with little to no training, for a 3 month old puppy that has been in my care for only 30 days, I have been very impressed. I can only contribute this to Teresa's training before he arrived in my care. Due to the winter weather I have chosen to potty train him on a puppy pad, which was completed in about 3 days, this was an easy transition due to Teresa's prior 'litter box training'.

Much to my surprise he has already started to alert me to my illness. The alert time is short, approximately 10 minutes prior, but at 3 months old I happen to believe this is exceptional. I do believe he is !earning from the dog that I plan to retire after Bandit is completely trained but I also believe that his prior handling and the breed is responsible for much of his behavior.

Thank you for such a wonderful companion.




Misty, therapy dog
 Teresa is a godsend to me. I lost my Ms Susie Q to cancer at the age of 17. I saw Misty who looks just like her and contacted Teresa and explained that I live on disability and that Ms Susie Q had been my therapy dog. She was so helpful and kind to me.

 2 weeks later I was on the road to go pick up Misty and she has been by my side ever since.

Thank you again so much Teresa you are an angel!



KimberHello there!

We are happy to tell you we love our dog. Thank you so so much.

We named him Kimber!!

I never knew I could love something so much. We got family pictures taken last week and I attached a couple pictures. He did so good. He is super photogenic.

All is going well and I can't thank you for the blessing you provided to our family.




Hi Teresa:
Our little baby is wonderful. He does not do anything wrong Jackson has not had an accident, does not bark very often, sleeps until we get up, entertains himself when we are not playing with him. He just is very happy and has adjusted to our family very fast---like two days. We have play time late morning and evening. We just love him---our whole family and neighbors do too Thank you for letting us adopt him.



Teresa, my Molly is beautiful-really beautiful! She is using her litter box and I am thankful for that. There was no crying at all even on her first night with me. I thank you for such a healthy, beautiful little girl. You are a good mother to these little ones.




Good Morning, Teresa!

Eli (Charlie Bear) and I would like to thank you for the litter box training. This morning it is in the low 40's, raining and windy here in Elk River, MN. Eli was determined to potty outside so I took him out. Needless to say he took a quick pee and wanted to come in. I don't blame him, it's awful outside. He usually needs to poop first thing in the morning, which he didn't get accomplished outside. After I dried him off, he went over to his litter box and finished doing his business.

The training you gave him is so valuable, especially living in this state! I'm sure he will be using his box more, as we move into winter weather.

Thank you for the training you gave him. We both appreciate you!

Have a great day, Valerie


It's been 4 weeks since my sweet baby Miki arrived in Mpls. He is an adorable puppy and gets cuter everyday.

You have done a great job preparing him for his new forever home with us. It's very obvious that you have spent a considerable amount of time litter box and crate training him. He has had very few accidents and is also quickly learning to do his business outside, too. It's so wonderful that I don't have to start from scratch training him! You did the hard part, before he even got here.

He was very well socialized, too. He loves everyone and knows no strangers. He has adjusted very well to his new home.

Thank you, Teresa, for all the time and effort you put into your puppies! We love our sweet boy.
Sincerely, Valerie


Just want to say how very, very excited we are to have our little Mi-Ki who Mike has named Domino. He is an extraordinary dog!!! Well Linda said we would love him but we really were not prepared for how much!

We told Domino he was Mike's dog and I think he understood. For the last couple of hours or maybe more he has been laying on the carpet by Mike's bed while Mike sleeps. Domino is awake but seems perfectly happy to be beside him. We are just amazed.
Domino had us laughing so hard last night as he danced around and zoomed around our family room. This morning he was running up and down our hall, looking at himself in the mirror. He is full of fun and energy yet willing to keep our son company by laying next to him. Mike even said how therapeutic he thought the dog was going to be. Well he is also therapy for us!!

This is an amazing dog that is already a part of our family!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again,  Jan


We are having so much fun with Bella. I am over the moon with her and can't imagine life without her.

Thank you for breeding these wonderful dogs.

 We got Yoshi (Rory) from you in March. He makes us laugh all the time he is such a character.

I love his long hair, I did give him a puppy cut right now do to the heat and humidity we are having here in Madison but otherwise he will keep the long hair look.

Thank you so much for him.

I was looking at your puppies for sale and I love little Abbie, may not be too long before I start looking for a sister for him.

Bentley (Levi) was such a trooper on the flight to Amsterdam and thanks to his ESA registration, he got to sit in my lap the whole flight!

He is the biggest snuggler, loves his tummy rubbed and is very attached to me - which I love! He also doesn't like the cold (55 degrees) but he now has some cute outfits to keep him warm!

I am so in love with this little guy and so thankful to you for this little guy in my life!!

Best, Lindsay


We adopted "Pip" the Mi-Ki as a companion for my husband who is now in his ninth decade and needed a "light weight" pup with minimal exercise requirements who was attentive and engaging. The bonus we did not expect was the devotion between the Mi-Ki and our six year old Cavalier "Quince". Pip shakes Quince out of his middle aged snoozes for play and adventure. Left to Pip, the two dogs would never be separated. Pip barks only to warn us about an unusual visitor, is endlessly amusing and the non-shedding factor is also a huge plus. A perfect solution to our needs!"


Our little MiKi Mouse is getting more endearing every day.

You are right we can't go anywhere without him causing a fuss. We stopped in Downtown Disney hoping to get him some Mickey Mouse gear, and although dogs are not allowed inside, even the "cast members" were in love with him. We have even been asked if we would sell him . But of course a million dollars would not buy this dog from us. 


We are in love with this boy. He has gone everywhere with us.

This is my son and him napping on couch. He has adjusted extremely well. He loves running around outside. He likes chasing my son's around.

He is an excellent puppy, so sweet, smart, cuddly, good natured with other dogs and people.

My husband thinks he should be a therapy dog.


An update on Gracie. She is perfect, adorable, sweet, obedient and precious, she is the perfect doggie. She had a visitor a month ago, an old 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier that taught Gracie how to fetch. She is so smart it's amazing. She is totally house trained, hasn't had an accident for two months. She trained herself, I only had to tell her twice that we didn't do it on the carpet twice, very intelligent. She is a great gecko hunter, she spends the day hunting them by the pool. Sometimes tries to bring one in the house! We let her have a free run every day in a big field and she always comes when we call her, very obedient and easy.

She loves her long walks, she loves to go in the car and is good at the groomer. We do the show cut on her, head, feet and sanitary. We love her so much, thank you for bringing this sweet little darling Into the world.

She goes in the RV, the yacht and does just fine, not needy at all, very agreeable and adapts so well.

Gracie is so precious, smart, perfect and loved. Best dog ever that ever lived. She is such a good girl, she loves everyone but is somewhat careful before she befriends. She turned silverish, her hair is so long and beautiful. We found a great girl that really knows how to trim her beautifully. Her white hair comes all the way to the ground, she is exquisite. She has a great demeanor, a sweet personality and is ever so smart. She minds and is a good listener. If we were smarter she could be an entertainer and do every trick in the book!

We love her so much, thank you for bringing her into the world.

               Connie and Mike


Thank you so much for our new puppy Prue. She is so very cute and loves to cuddle.

I was very worried about bringing a new puppy into our house but she fits right in.

You can tell she was well taken care of by you, she is a very well adjusted puppy.

Thank You, Amy


Hi There,
I just wanted to share a picture of Lexi, so you could see what a pretty lady she is becoming. She is the most wonderful puppy with the best personality!  She is about to begin training classes to become a therapy dog.
Best, Beth


Hi Teresa,
I just wanted to tell you how much we love our little Ozzie. He is a wonderful addition to our family and so much fun to have around.  We could not have choosen a better dog and I thank you for him.



Morris is now one year old. He went for his vet checkup this week and the vet said he is perfect-which I couldn’t agree more with! He is our precious baby boy and we love him so much. Thank you for this very special little one!

The Bounds Family


Pootsie is doing wonderful and we love having him as part of our family. He is a very good puppy and loves all of the attention we give him.

Whenever Jacquie and I are setting on the sofa Pootsie has a fit until he gets to lay in between us and watch TV or read. He is an IU fan now and has forgotten all about the Kansas Jayhawks.

We would recommend anyone looking for a wonderful pet to contact you about your Mi Ki’s. He is the cutest and most loving dog we have ever had.
Mike & Jacquie Minch
- Indiana
I received a wonderful puppy from you. I named her KeKi which means child in Hawaiian. She is currently in training to become a therapy dog. I am hoping we can become a therapy team for nursing homes and children’s hospitals. She is still very outgoing and is wonderful with children. I love her. She is the “Light of my life!”

Susan Johanson
New York

Potty and Crate Training are two of the most frustrating and difficult things to teach a brand new puppy. When you buy a puppy from Teresa at Stoneridge these are two things you don't need to worry about. We bought our mi-ki from Teresa. The first day we brought him home it was like he had lived here all his life. He pottys on his wee-wee pad and naps in his crate without fussing. He already sleeps through the night.

Her puppies are sweet happy well adjusted people loving puppies. Trooper is a joy. I highly recommend buying a mi-ki from Teresa if you want a well adjusted happy healthy puppy to be a member of your family.

Carson and Charlie

Our Mi-Ki puppies are wonderful, they are a great mix of energetic fun and unlimited affection.

Teresa at Stoneridge Mi-Kis made sure the two brothers were ready for a new home before we picked them up.They were definitely cuddle ready for the ride home.

She also provided us with a starter kit and information about Mi-Kis as a breed so we were prepared to take care of our new bundles of joy.
If a family wants puppies that are a lot of fun and are ready to give and receive loads of love, I recommend they purchase Mi-Kis from Teresa at Stoneridge.    Tim Kelly


I would like to let the world that I have fallen totally in love with my MiKi. They are so sweet, smart, loving and fun. I got my little boy from Stoneridge MiKi. You can tell he came from a loving home and is quite well socialized. He is totally wee wee pad trained but does love to go outside too. He is everything and more that he is suppose to be.
Thank you Stoneridge MiKis!!!!!!!!!




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